• Schröer Container Schaltanlagencontainer und Trafocontainer
  • Schröer Container Schaltanlagencontainer und Trafocontainer


Also in the product range of switchgear and transformer container we have many years of experience in new and rebuilding. For this very reason we are able to manufacture diverse variations for you and to customize them exactly to your needs and requirements.

Container can be built in almost every size, even ISO container can be rebuilt to switchgear container or false floor container. If the container is not portable due to the size, we will produce them as several modules, smaller and portable.

On request we supply and install air conditioning systems, fire extinguishing systems as well as the electric installation (for example lighting, sockets, fuse boxes etc.) in your container with the result that it is optimally prepared for your intended use.

Gladly we install your switchgear cabinets, transformers etc. in the container and take care for the cabling as well. For the assembling we have experienced, committed and skilled workers.

Certainly, the final assembly and licensing by the customer cloud be done at our company premises.

If the container need to be transported by ship, we will pack it up ready for transport. Of course the delivery can be done by us as well.

Wherever you need your container from us, we can provide you the perfect solutions. The container can even be made in different kind of steel and with high insulation for the installation extreme weather conditions (desert, low temperature areas, ocean environment).