Fields of application

In the offshore sector special requirements are imposed on the container.
Aggressive maritime climate and mechanical load, for example during transportation or the loading on the open sea, put the highest requirements on the material and on corrosion protection. Our offshore container have reinforced walls and a much more resistant coating than a conventional container. They are manufactured according to the standard DNV 2.7-1 and EN 12079 and are supervised by a certification company.
Their fields of application are e. g. offshore platforms, ships or other facilities on the open sea.
CSC means „International Convention for Safe Containers“. This convention shall ensure the highest possible level of safety for human life in handling, stacking and transporting container. It is valid for all container used for the international shipping traffic. Our company owned testing area allows it to carry out the complete inspection and testing in stack-form.
For onshore applications we design customized solutions and special constructions for the use as technology, pump and aggregate, transformer and switchgear or test container.