• Schröer Container Offshore und CSC Container
  • Schröer Container Offshore und CSC Container


We are a specialized company with the qualification EN 1090 EXC 2 and EXC 3 certified by the DNV GL. We produce offshore container as well as CSC container in cooperation with different certifying companies.

In our production facility offshore container according the standards DNV 2.7-1 and EN 12079 are built and inspected by the certifying companies for example the DNV GL, the snch or the Bureau Veritas.

Both variations of container, offshore container and CSC container, are constructed in compliance to your wishes for any operating range and requirement. Of course we also build container with both certifications, CSC and offshore.

For our customers we want to make everything as comfortable as possible, so we have an own CSC testing area at our production facility.

This testing area allows it to carry out the complete inspection and testing in stack-form:

  • · stacking (STACK 9)
  • · lifting test
  • · racking test
  • · mechanical resistance of the walls
  • · longitudinal and transverse twisting

Furthermore we carry out the following test for the offshore certification:

  • · drop test
  • · lifting test
  • · nondestructive testing of the welds