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With us as partner you have a wide range of options for the engineering and construction of your container.

We offer:

  • · installation of the provided machines and pumps including exhaust gas routing
  • · installation and cabling of provided control cabinets or transformers
  • · electric installation (lighting, control systems, and cable routs)
  • · air conditioning, ventilation, sound traps
  • · thermal and/or acoustic insulation
  • · using of not-flammable materials according to fire protection classifications
  • · installation of fire extinguishing systems
  • · execution in stainless steel (pipework, coverings)
  • · joineries, furniture and sanitary installation
  • · corrosion protection according to EN ISO 12944: standard: C3, high quality: C5, zinc spraying
  • · CSC-certification and offshore-certification by well-known certifying companies e. g. DNV GL or snch
  • · platforms and stairs
  • · delivery and installation on site